Using positive feedback to find the good stuff!

Collecting feedback is an integrated part of a business today and it plays an important part in improving services and products in a very competitive market. As business owners and leaders we reach for perfection and we strive to deliver the best value to our customers - and this we need to do - competition … Continue reading Using positive feedback to find the good stuff!

Machines and a personal touch

Level: Non-technical, Service and Support business (also published on LinkedIn) In the last few years, we have seen Machine Learning and AI become a practical part delivering of customer service and support. From my point of view, I believe that this type of technology will be able to change - and disrupt - the way we … Continue reading Machines and a personal touch

Interesting article about SEO and Support Content

Provide quality content to users and/or customers is a very important task in most support organisations today, but we often forget the search part when publishing content. If you are not part of a technical organization or have access to people with SEO knowledge you may oversee some quick wins helping people to find your content. Looking into … Continue reading Interesting article about SEO and Support Content

A more personal touch

I strongly believe that in the transition from a transaction-based model to a highly leveraged relationship-based model a personal touch is very important. In a self service world, it is not often that people need to get in contact with a "live Agent", but there are ready to help you if you need it. My … Continue reading A more personal touch